Fulgencio Law files lawsuit against Busch Gardens Theme Park on behalf of man who lost part of his finger (amputation) on Serengeti Safari Ride

On December 12, 2014, our client was enjoying Busch Gardens’ Serengeti Sarafi open-air ride. When the driver of the vehicle improperly negotiated a turn, the vehicle struck a 7-foot eucalyptus pole, crushing and severing a part of our client’s left ring finger. Busch-Gardens-Giraffe-encounter

As a result of the accident, our client has suffered debilitating, permanent injuries. His young daughter was a witness to the accident, and remains psychologically affected by the traumatic incident. Unfortunately, despite the seriousness of the injury, Busch Gardens chose not to do the right thing, and never offered to resolve our client’s injury claim, or to even pay for his medical bills. So, to protect our client’s rights, our firm had no other choice but to file a lawsuit here in Hillsborough County.

A key component of this lawsuit will be proving the park’s negligence – showing that the accident and injury suffered by our client was avoidable, but occurred as a result of Busch Gardens’ carelessness. If negligence is shown, the park will likely be held financially responsible for the injury and the costs associated with it. Each year, millions of people, many of them foreign tourists, visit one of Florida’s many theme parks. Although the parks are generally safe, the number of injuries sustained at these facilities is on the rise. If you or a loved one suffered an injury at Busch Gardens, Sea World, or another theme park in Florida, call Fulgencio Law for a free consultation at 813.463.0123.