Fulgencio Law files suit against large Organic Food Company

Fulgencio Law has filed a lawsuit against one of the country’s largest organic food companies. But the company is not the only defendant in the case. Often, food sold under a brand name is not actually made by that company. Rather, the company “holds” the recipe, and contracts the manufacturing out to another company. That’s what happened here. In Florida, however, both companies will share liability for the damages caused by the product. Both companies were sued after a child was given the Rice Milk product and fell sick shortly thereafter.

Upon inspection, it became clear that there was mold inside the container, but no recall has been issued by the company. Always check to see if mold or other foreign substance is present in pre-packaged food you are about to consume.

Felipe B. Fulgencio is a food poisoning attorney and available to serve consumers throughout the state of Florida who have experienced similar issues. Any person with concerns about recalled or contaminated food products may contact the firm at 813.463.0123.